9. Sep 2021 |


M06.09. Sergio.
– Sleeve grips, one hand go collar, roll over (pull and hit with heel to knee).
– From mount, collar grip and slice with elbow to choke.

W08.09. Tarmo.
Single leg takedown. Passing the guard (not kneeslice but the other one).

F10.09. Pedro
From closed guard, going after arm, ending on mount.
From closed guard going after arm around the head, ending in triangle choke.

F13.09. Tarmo
Passing the guard. Locking the leg between tigh, the other with knee, blocking the hip with hand and rolling over.

2. Sep 2021 |



First class wearing gi.

  • Sweeping from closed guard by rolling the opponent over. Starting like going into kimura, grip on sleeve, lock over elbow, roll over.
  • Getting from being in closed guard to side mount by belt/pants grip, using elbows and sweeping over leg.

Coach: Fabio

Chest pressure and moving out from it.*
Staying on mount and getting out from the bottom.*
Turtle with person on the back – getting rid of the person.*
From mount, spridering both hands, S-mount inconvenience to possible armbar.
Monoplata(?)/armbar from mount while being hugged (MMA thing).
*While holding tolding tennis balls. Coach: Tarmo

25. Aug 2021 |



Attack from closed guard.  Unbalance opponent with hips (towards 23 or 01), swipe supporting arms from chest, get arm hold (lock it), neutralize the other arm and finish with leg triangle choke.

Coaches Tommi and Robert(?). Rolling.


  • Going from closed guard to mount by rolling over the opponent.
  • Kimura, starting from closed guard and rolling.

Sergio and Celso. Last nogi basic course for me. Next week starting beginners and fundamendals classes with gi.