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Best cheap shared hosting – expert opinion

This title is for Google. I am just sharing my experience in hosting websites at an affordable price.

I have tried Dreamhost and Bluehost to save money for some of my voluntary projects (but did not save any). If possible, keep away from these despite them being heavily advertised.

For smaller projects, mainly in the past, I have used planet.ee service (provided by Zone). This is 10GB of space, 1 MySQL database (but you can actually fit multiple WP installations into one), free SSL certificate and much more. Absolutely fantastic thing for 11.88€ per year. Very snappy and simple to use.

The solution that I am using

I need to host my websites somewhere. I have Autoblogi, Perekool, Meestetervis, and many other websites. If I would have to buy a separate shared hosting account for each of these… I would run out of finances soon 😀

For this purpose, I have two personal shared hosting accounts – one on Veebimajutus and the other on Zone . In total it is 150 GB + 128 GB of space which is really more than I can fill.

So what I have done is create a subdomain where the website is actually(!) located and add an alias for it. What does it mean?

autoblogi.that.ee looks like autoblogi.ee
majaseen.that.ee looks like majaseen.ee
And so on.

Shared hosting on Zone costs 6.66€/month (the cheapest package ). They are limited to 16 MariaDB databases which means one account can have a maximum of 16 WordPress installations for example. If you really can securely fit 16 WP installations on one account then it would make the cost of hosting one website 0.42€/month – absolute banger for hassle-free, secure and high-quality service.

Veebimajutus offers 20 MariaDBs for 6.25€/month. Both come with unlimited number of free SSL certificates.

More complex solutions?

One thing I have heard a lot and seen plenty of ads for is Digital Ocean . But I have not felt the need for this yet.

One more thing

As I happen to have one specific website with 60% of its traffic from foreign countries like Russia (with 75 different regions covered), Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, etc. I started using Cloudflare CDN for this today. If I find in interesting enough I will give you some update.

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