19. Sep 2020 |

mysqli ja täpitähed

Kulutasin eile öösel paar tundi, et täpitähtede liikumine andmebaasi ja andmebaasist tagasi ühel kodulehel korda saada. Hetke lahendus on selline nagu pildil. See set_charset("utf8") oli puudu. Aga enna ma muidugi toimetasin kõvasti charseti kallal ja tegin andmebaasi uuesti ja kõike muud 😀

Muidu virinat ka. Tore, et WordPress ja Blogspot genereerivad erineva struktuuriga RSSi ja et blogijad omakorda suudavad seda RSSi kerge vaevaga purustada.

1. Nov 2019 |

How to remember

When I do coding tasks for school I find really cool solutions and wonderful workarounds from time to time. I wonder how should I remember all this. How should I archive and structure all this knowledge. Should it be like learning a language where I should prepare learing cards (for vocabulary) to remember basic things by heart. Like what goes where when I need to append something to a list.


29. Oct 2019 |

php does not work on website

For the first time I tried to build simple php template for my own website. I read this and this. Header, body and footer. And in the body I wanted to have additional php scripts (to define meta description and title for every site). But it did not work at first and it took me few hours to fint that:

If it does not work then change this…

<?php echo file_get_contents("html/body.php"); ?>

to this..

<?php include 'html/body.php';?>

And everything works.

7. Oct 2019 |

It is EU Code Week 5-20 October 2019

EU Code Week is a grassroots initiative which aims to bring coding and digital literacy to everybody in a fun and engaging way.

The last part of this EU Code Week aim is somewhat non-relatable. Because I just debugged my WP store like 6 hours (to make stock syncs faster) on Saturday and at the moment struggling with entry-level Python tasks for school. So, I can say this period of “fun and engaging” is very short in the learning curve 🙂 In my previous profession in the pharmaceutical industry it was called misleading communication and it was not allowed.

Or, I may be doing something wrong.