9. Apr 2020 |

How to stay away from Facebook for a period of time

How I willingly locked myself out of Facebook (and you can too).

I always regret the time I have spent on social media. I deleted my Twitter (permanently) few months ago. I stopped watching Instagram stories and haven’t seen any this year. I have deleted my Facebook account once (few years ago) and now is the second time to take a break. Because I really need (and would prefer) to study.

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29. Feb 2020 |

Niisama asjadest – Unsplash ja Sportlio

Unsplash saatis enda eelmise aasta kokkuvõtte ja mind väga vaimustab, kuidas 7 aastaga entusiasmi pealt lihtsast Tumblri blogist midagi sellist tehnoloogiliselt lahedat välja kasvab. Nende esimese lehe postitus Hacker Newsis (30.05.2013) endiselt kihvt lugemine (ka sellest, kuidas v1 kriitika mõnikord on väga mööda).

Kolmapäeval käisin Python Coding Clubis vaatamas Mikk Meerentsi presentatsiooni Sportliost. Ta on alates 2014 samamoodi õhina pealt üksi teinud enamvähem nende oskustega, mis ta sealt kolmapäevadel õppinud on. See on jällegi huvitav perspektiiv, et kõik on võimalik.

5. Feb 2020 |

SSH keys in Ubuntu (basic commands)

Located in: /home/robert/.ssh/id_rsa.pub
To generate keys: ssh-keygen
To display in terminal: cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub
Give bash script permissions: chmod +x script.sh

Useful guide: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-set-up-ssh-keys-on-ubuntu-1604

29. Oct 2019 |

php does not work on website

For the first time I tried to build simple php template for my own website. I read this and this. Header, body and footer. And in the body I wanted to have additional php scripts (to define meta description and title for every site). But it did not work at first and it took me few hours to fint that:

If it does not work then change this…

<?php echo file_get_contents("html/body.php"); ?>

to this..

<?php include 'html/body.php';?>

And everything works.

27. Sep 2019 |

Best cheap shared hosting – expert opinion

This title is for Google. I am just sharing my experience in hosting websites at an affordable price.

I have tried Dreamhost and Bluehost to save money for some of my voluntary projects (but did not save any). If possible, keep away from these despite them being heavily advertised.

For smaller projects, mainly in the past, I have used planet.ee service (provided by Zone). This is 10GB of space, 1 MySQL database (but you can actually fit multiple WP installations into one), free SSL certificate and much more. Absolutely fantastic thing for 11.88€ per year. Very snappy and simple to use.

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