8. Oct 2023 |

Kuutasuta pangakaart – säästa 23 eurot aastas

Revolut Standard paketiga saab kuutasuta pangakonto ja tasuta pangakaardi. Kui füüsilist kaarti ei soovi ja tahad näiteks ainult Apple Pay või Google Pay kaudu maksta, siis seda pangakaarti ei pea isegi tellima. Revolut pangakaart on kuutasuta aga maksta tuleb ühekordne saatmiskulu.

Kuigi LHV ja Coop Pank võimaldavad mõlemad kuutasuta arvelduskontot, siis (füüsilised) pangakaardid on neil siiski kuutasuga (1 eur/kuu).

Võrdluseks, näiteks SEB Panga kõige odavam arvelduskonto on 1.95 eur/kuus (23.40 eur/aasta) ja selle eest saab näpuotsaga tehinguid.

Miks mul seda vaja on?

Kasutan Revolut pangakaarti püsikorralduste jaoks. Spotify, Delfi jms lähevad kõik sellelt ja raha kannan sinna püsikorraldusega täpselt vajalikus summas täpselt arve kuupäeval. Nii on igasugustest tellimustest parem ülevaade ja raha ei võeta mu igapäevaselt maksekaardilt.

10. May 2021 |


Lately I have found my self thinking how could a customer – when buying software development services – determine in “requirements” part that the end result should not be ugly. I belive there is no standard for describing this.

For me it has been common sense that I simply do not deliver (preferrably don’t even build in the first pace) ugly things. And there is no need to specify it in the requirements that “users should not get lost” or “users should not hurt themselves”.

From my experience I see it does not seem to be very common in the industry.

Extreme programming believes in
‘it is better to do a simple thing today and pay a little more tomorrow to change it’ than ‘to do a more complicated thing today that may never be used anyway’. But simple here by in no way means mean broken, malfunctioning or ugly.


24. Feb 2021 |

I always forget to turn Toggle off

And it is so annoying.

This is overview of my last week’s coding activity. My own projects, escapades and experiments are not included. School only.

On the right is my last week in Focusmeter app. Blue area is time spent doing Distributed Systems, yellow is JavaScript. On the left is my effort to use Toggl and Focusmeter together (using split screen) so that I would not forget to turn Toggl off.

I would really like to use Toggl for time tracking as a part of my workflow but I always forget it running. Also my productivity is so much better with (which ever) pomodoro timer that arranges my time into logical work and break units. But the problem with pomodoro is that pomodoro is not for tracking but just time management. So at the moment there is no good solution for me 🙂


It looks better with Goodtime app for pomodoro functionalities.

By using Samsung split screen I can run 2 apps at the same time. Above is Goodtime pomodoro app and below I have Toggl. It was a good discovery for me that for project whole pink box is actually clickable for starting (no need to tap the small play button).

19. Feb 2021 |

Using SSH with Atom ftp-remote-edit

It also works similarly in Filezilla. If you have questions, please leave comments 🙂

Atom ftp-remote-edit started to break my files occasionally due to the issue that this Atom package uses ftp in passive mode by default which tries to open too many ports at once. For example if I had large css file then it uploaded only half of it and gave me following 451 and timeout errors:

  • 451-Error during read from data connection 451 Transfer aborted
  • Timeout (control socket)
Atom errors

Suggestion from my webhosting provider was to use SSH instead of FTP but configuring it is kind of difficult for the first time. So here it is:

Atom SSH config
  • Hostname is your hostname
  • username is your username (username@hostname.ee)
  • If you have not configured password then you can just leave it empty.
  • key is private key (not *.pub (public) but the other file) – I wasted some time here.
  • Initial directory path I got from my webhosting service provider. Without the path to initial directory you will probably get to the root from where it is not possible to navigate anywhere.

I think most difficult in Windows was to find the private key file (and initially to create one). But there are enough tutorials available on how to generate SSH keys. My own notes (which I use quite often) are here.

In Ubuntu the key file is located in …

What I use it for

I have gotten used to using Atom for small edits that need to be done here and there. For example my school dashboard – if I need to add something there then I open the folder in Atom ftp-remote-edit, do the edits, ctrl+s and it is live without having any files in my computer.

Also, when I need to work with data in Excel and need to upload it as csv file to the server then instead of saving csv on my computer I do textjoin in excel and copy-paste the content to csv file on server through ftp-remote-edit.

11. Feb 2021 |

Bitwarden browser autofill shortcut not working (solution)

I switched from 1Password password manager to Bitwarden about year ago. Simply because Bitwarden is free while the cost of 1Password was 72 dollars per year (Family version).

Recently browser autofill shortcut stopped working. Today I figured out how to get it work again.

On Chrome open chrome://extensions/shortcuts on your browser and fill the shortcut yourself.


If you use Edge browser then open edge://extensions/shortcuts and fill the shortcut yourself.


If you use Firefox then go to about:addons → Extensions → from the settings icon you can get to manage extension shortcuts.

It is very convenient to autofill logins with ctrl + shift + L. If you have multiple accounts on some webservices (for example you have several Twitter accounts) then you can rotate between these by repeating the shortcut.

3. Feb 2021 |

Kuidas saab miski olla nii odav (VPS)

Selleks, et mul oleks hajussüsteemide aines oma dev andmebaas… OK, alustame sellest, et mul ei olnud esialgu ettekujutust, et mis on Docker ja kuidas VPSi kasutamine käib. Võtsin mõne päeva sellest nädalast, mis eksamite ja uue semestri vahele jäi ning natuke uurisin.

Nüüd ma olen seal kohas, et mul on Hetzneris see kõige odavam VPS (1 vCPU, 2 GB RAM, Helsinki), kus jookseb tavaline Ubuntu Server, kuhu olen installinud Dockeri ja selles jookseb MS SQL server. Seni identne selle barreli omaga, mis Käveril. Ma ei ole selle eest mitte midagi maksnud, sest lihtne Google otsing andis 24 eurose kupongi veebruari lõpuni 🙂 Aga, see maksaks muidu 2.96 eurot (koos maksudega!). Nagu, misasi see on!? Kuidas see saab nii odav olla 😀

Kui Hetzneri kupongi poleks leidnud, siis ilmselt oleks õppimiseks kasutanud siit artikli lõpust UpCloudi või DigitalOceani kupongi.