19. Feb 2021 |

Using SSH with Atom ftp-remote-edit

It also works similarly in Filezilla. If you have questions, please leave comments 🙂

Atom ftp-remote-edit started to break my files occasionally due to the issue that this Atom package uses ftp in passive mode by default which tries to open too many ports at once. For example if I had large css file then it uploaded only half of it and gave me following 451 and timeout errors:

  • 451-Error during read from data connection 451 Transfer aborted
  • Timeout (control socket)
Atom errors

Suggestion from my webhosting provider was to use SSH instead of FTP but configuring it is kind of difficult for the first time. So here it is:

Atom SSH config
  • Hostname is your hostname
  • username is your username (username@hostname.ee)
  • If you have not configured password then you can just leave it empty.
  • key is private key (not *.pub (public) but the other file) – I wasted some time here.
  • Initial directory path I got from my webhosting service provider. Without the path to initial directory you will probably get to the root from where it is not possible to navigate anywhere.

I think most difficult in Windows was to find the private key file (and initially to create one). But there are enough tutorials available on how to generate SSH keys. My own notes (which I use quite often) are here.

In Ubuntu the key file is located in …

What I use it for

I have gotten used to using Atom for small edits that need to be done here and there. For example my school dashboard – if I need to add something there then I open the folder in Atom ftp-remote-edit, do the edits, ctrl+s and it is live without having any files in my computer.

Also, when I need to work with data in Excel and need to upload it as csv file to the server then instead of saving csv on my computer I do textjoin in excel and copy-paste the content to csv file on server through ftp-remote-edit.

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