4. Jan 2021 |

6/100 – exam

Felt myself strong and very fit before the exam. Not that strong afterwards 😀 But was fun 1h 45min rally.

Main learnings from the exam:

  • If you have a tree with only two levels of depth and ~10 entities then you don’t need to invent a universal search algorithm. Just two loops is enough.
  • serialize() in php creates a string that includes special characters. Therefore, if you are using front-controller pattern, you also need to encode and later decode it. Otherwise, data gets lost.

Found hilarious Github repo. If you are asking what C# for beginners course is in TalTech then in a nutshell: EnterpriseQualityCoding (just imagine that it is written in C# instead of Java). It is a FizzBuzz (very simple game) EnterpriseEdition (written in a complicated way).

15. Dec 2020 |

NETSDK1005 – update dotnet aspnet-codegenerator

If you are getting this error NETSDK1005 when trying to scaffold the webpages that says “Assets file [..] doesn’t have a target for ‘net50′” then please check if you have updated dotnet aspnet-codegenerator. Documentation is behind this link.

I got stuck to this for some time before figuring it out. I had updated dotnet SDK and runtime but not aspnet-codegenerator (which I was not aware of).

Though, now I am running into another issue – “A file matching the name Create.cshtml was not found” 🙂 I have not yet figured out any solutions. But I see people running into it quite everywhere.

Update: I discussed it with the teacher and TAs and got to the conclusion that this is some kind on Linux specific aspnet-codegenerator issue. As it is used mainly for intoductory/demo purposes at this point then I simply proceed without demo content as there is no actual need for this.

Few useful commands for myself as a footnote:

dotnet --info

dotnet tool list -g (List your dotnet tools, useful)

dotnet tool update --global dotnet-ef (EF update to the latest, link)
dotnet tool update -g dotnet-aspnet-codegenerator (Update codegenerator, link)