26. Jan 2021 |

100 Days of Code (in second post)

Made second post. Grouping by 25 days should be good.

  1. (25.01) 3h 48min. I see that I have spent 19 mins of Docker (though I belive I spent more time on it to learn using MariaDB and phpmyadmin in Linux VM) and the rest is C#.
  2. 4h 38min. C# (database connection etc), Distributed Systems (DS) intro.
    School has begun and my Gitlab grid looks more impressive that ever before. It looks like it should have looked last semester (though I belive my Bitbucket dashboard would have looked good too if only would they have it).
  3. (27.01) 2:50 JS, 0:48 JS.
  4. (28.01) 48 mins of JS, 2h 25 mins of Distributed Systems. Had two lectures to attend.
  5. (29.01) Friday. Had 6h of lectures to attend (DS and JS). 4:01.
  6. (30.01) For .NET things moved over to Win10. Got really tired of solving Linux issues that only I happen to have.
    2h 52 mins of tracked C#, Razor Pages. The rest spend on setting up WSL2 on Win10, updating and setting up everything on Win10 side. So far it has been 22 h 38 mins of coding this week.
  7. (31.01) 4h 6 mins of DS and JS. Sunday. It got me 27 hours of coding this week + few hours of setting up/debugging environment, server etc. Looks like a good week. My Gitlab grid looks like this ๐Ÿ™‚ You can also compare it to previous semester.

    Don’t get me wrong. I used Github (for my own stuff) and Bitbucket (for 2 subjects at school). But my school Gitlab account could have been more active too.
  8. ย (01.02) New month. 4h 19mins of coding. DS and JS. Started with small Aurelia “Hello world” project and installing it. I really don’t like the name Aurelia and their color scheme is straight from TalTech brand ๐Ÿ˜€ React, Vue and Angular are much better names. Spent once again so much time setting things up on my computer. Tried to undestand why docker-composer was in snap folder (no documentation mentions such option), why same repo in WSL terminal git has different status than in Windows Terminal etc. But at the moment everything seems to sort of work.
  9. 4h 46min, 2:54 JS, 1:41 DS
  10. 4h 4min Distributed Systems
  11. –ย will write later ( travelled to Tartu)
  12. (05.02) 3h 12mins heavy C# friday. Working on my own project. Really like this inheritance and interface game.
  13. (06.02) Built my own API on top of Noom API. Looking forward to next week whey I will probably get access to the new API we ordered from them and can get more data for my stores.


Other stuff

15. Jan 2021 |

n/100 – 100 Days of Code (in one post)

Writing daily posts is getting challenge on its own. Therefore I will continue as one post.

  1. (13.01) Started to revise C# lectures with an aim to finalize .NET app. Starting from console menu task to fully understand everything.
    Also downloaded Heino Talvik’s “Containers and Microservices” from Echo360 and Moodle so that I could study it on my own (before it gets back into program in autumn).
  2. (14.01) Got stuck into refactoring this app from mysqli to pdo and bring duplication check from db level to memory.
  3. (15.01) In the morning I continued work with blog-aggregator project to get it from mysqli to pdo and front-controller model using Twig. Also update to the latest Bootstrap.
    Most of the day learnt how to use VPS for the first time (by using Hetzner‘s 24 euros offer I found here). Managed to set up my first MariaDB server as Docker instance and access it from phpStorm. It must be the cheapest entertainment because I still have โ‚ฌ23.97 remaining credits ๐Ÿ˜€
  4. According to Goodtime and Toggl I did C# for 2 hours. Trying to understand Delegates.
  5. 1h 15mins of C#. Way too little (3 rounds of Pomodoro).
  6. 1h 20min of C#. Still trying to understand every character I am writing.
  7. (19.01) 1h of C#.
  8. (20.01) The day of Joe Biden’s inauguration ๐Ÿ™‚ 4h 25min C#. Trying to get out of the Menu but I don’t get it where I make mistake. I will ask the teacher tomorrow. I got it solved before going to bed. The issue was that return is used only when exiting. And I had to assign the value to the variable that was returned. Looked littlebit recursion-like thing for me.
  9. 2h 16min of C#. Got my TicTacToe to run in memory and update the board. Tomorrow I would like get to the end of this lesson.
  10. 1h 55min of C#. I also finalized my Youtube channel containing all 44 videos from Building Distributed Systems (2020, ICD0009). I downloaded 18GB of files from Echo360, glued audio and video together and uploaded 17GB of video to Youtube.
  11. (23.01) 2h 8 min ofย  C# + 25 min of JavaScript.
  12. (24.01) 1h 59 min of C#. Getting to the point where I sort of understand the 2 first homeworks of previous semester’s C# it has taken me (to this point) one week with 18h 20min of work (tracking with Focusmeter app and then adding to my Toggl account).
    My teacher said in the lecture that he has coded estimated around 40-50k hours in his life. He also said that there is no talent in coding. 99% of the result is practice (hours put into writing the code).

In progress.

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11. Jan 2021 |

13/100 – exam and parsing XML with php

It took me around an hour to write the algorithm in Java during the exam to find the width of a tree (defined as the maximum number of children for a single node).

Now I have been wondering (trying to improve my code) why on earth are podcast and blog feeds NOT json standard but XML ๐Ÿ˜€ Much more difficult to generate and parse.

8. Jan 2021 |

10/100 – java, php

Wrote littlebit in Java for algorithms exam (on monday) and improved birthay app. Bootstrap 5 has some really nice improvements.

I have been thinking about setting up by own web server to understand (and learn) better how VPS and containers work. I belive I need to do another post for this ๐Ÿ™‚

Cool that Thonny made it to Hacker News.

7. Jan 2021 |

9/100 – cleaning wp mysql database

Today I have to admit I did not open IDE somehow for more than just one line of code ๐Ÿ˜€ Got stuck into analyzing the logs and cleaning one of my website’s database.

More than 1.3M wp_actionscheduler_actions entries created in just 7 days.

All in One SEO plugin (do not recommend!) created around 3 million garbage entries into the WP+WooCommerce database with scheduled actions (mainly by aioseo_sitemap_ping). It is multiple times more than the whole site itself.

For example:

  • wp_actionscheduler_logs table had 1 973 366 entries
  • wp_actionscheduler_actions table had 912 058 entries

I emphasize that these entries are just unwanted garbage and do not create any value. In order to clear it you need to enter the database (through PMA or some other way) and run DELETE FROM table WHERE ...; SQL query. I can assure that deleting millions of entries takes some time from database engine ๐Ÿ™‚

The only line I wrote today (except SQL queries) was add_filter( 'aioseo_sitemap_ping', '__return_false' ); to kill the unnecessary scheduled action.

6. Jan 2021 |

7/100 – Birthday reminder app with sqlite and php

As I sometimes lock myself out from Facebook I have no idea if any of my friends is having a birthday any time soon. I also already have difficulty remembering ages and birthdays of all my relatives (especially new ones). Before solving my personal CRM needs with Monica I decided to build something myself.

Today I worked on building a small web app using sqlite and php to save/edit/delete birthdays of my friends and family, calculate ages etc.

Most difficult was to figure out how to sort recurring (yearly) events starting from “next upcoming” with single SQL query. But I think I figured it out by using one SQL query followed small php loop (which has worst case complexity of O(n)) to find the place to split an array ๐Ÿ™‚

SELECT id, firstname, lastname, birthday,
(current_date - birthday - 1) as age,
substr(birthday, 9, 100) as day,
substr(birthday, 6, 2) as month
FROM Persons
ORDER BY month, day;

Hopefully I can get it ready enough at some point for sharing on Github. Something cool for the end: OpenAI has trained a model that can create new images – you just describe them in English. Mindblowing.

4. Jan 2021 |

6/100 – exam

Felt myself strong and very fit before the exam. Not that strong afterwards ๐Ÿ˜€ But was fun 1h 45min rally.

Main learnings from the exam:

  • If you have a tree with only two levels of depth and ~10 entities then you don’t need to invent a universal search algorithm. Just two loops is enough.
  • serialize() in php creates a string that includes special characters. Therefore, if you are using front-controller pattern, you also need to encode and later decode it. Otherwise, data gets lost.

Found hilarious Github repo. If you are asking what C# for beginners course is in TalTech then in a nutshell: EnterpriseQualityCoding (just imagine that it is written in C# instead of Java). It is a FizzBuzz (very simple game) EnterpriseEdition (written in a complicated way).

3. Jan 2021 |

5/100 โ€“ angularjs, exam

Today I have revised for tomorrow’s exam (php, mysql, http etc). I’ll grab a cup of coffee and will end the day with an hour of AngularJS. Let’s call it a week then ๐Ÿ™‚

Offtopic: great podcasts I listened to today (while walking) were Hidden Brain – A Creature of Habit, Business Lunch – You Don’t Have to Buy A Whole Business and there was an interesting aspect about the evolution of the importance of blogs as authentic user generated content in Stack Overflow Welcome 2021 episode.

3. Jan 2021 |

4/100 โ€“ angularjs, php

Studied AngularJS from TalTech I399 JavaScript course (lesson 4 video). Quite fun and liked it. And did the test exam from previous year in web technologies.

One issue with studying this way is the lack of tasks that would allow the implementation of what is just learnt.