How to use git with multiple SSH keys

It is all written here in Github docs. Check or edit config file: cat ~/.ssh/config which looks like this: # github/terviseabc Host HostName IdentityFile ~/.ssh/terviseabc_id_rsa Generate keys. ssh-keygen -f terviseabc_id_rsa This is how I clone the repository from github: git clone How to use multiple SSH keys: How to change your committer … Continue reading “How to use git with multiple SSH keys”

SSH keys in Ubuntu (basic commands)

Update and clean. #! /usr/bin/bash sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y dist-upgrade && sudo apt-get -y autoremove –purge && sudo apt-get -y clean Regular ones ctrl+A – beginning ctrl+E – end alt+F – move cursor forwadr alt+B – move cursor back ctrl+G – exit ssh session or exit recursive search ctrl+L – clear terminal … Continue reading “SSH keys in Ubuntu (basic commands)”

Finding descriptive statistics about IT studies in TalTech

Good statistics about school and subjects are really difficult to find even though we are quite often talked about the importance of high-quality data. But I found some here: ÕIS – Üldinfo – Statistika – Õppekavad – Õppeainete statistika. Quite… huh. This is the picture of autumn semester results in the year 2018/2019 on my … Continue reading “Finding descriptive statistics about IT studies in TalTech”