3. Jun 2020 |

SSH commands (notes for self)


zip -r filename.zip foldername/
unzip filename.zip
unzip file.zip -d /path/to/directory
rm -rf *.jpg
rm -rf foldername/

Delete and Find

rm *avatar_16*.jpg – delete files with name containing
find . -name "*avatar_*.jpg" – find files with name containing

Copy (DO tutorial)

rsync -a /path/to/local/storage user@remote.host:/path/to/copy – from local to remote. Copy content (not the folder itself)

rsync -a username@remote_host:/home/username/dir1 place_to_sync_on_local_machine – remote to local

WP-CLI commands

wp core verify-checksums
wp plugin update --all (link)

Personal favourite to update everything:

wp cache flush && wp core update && wp core update-db && wp plugin update --all && wp core language update && wp theme update --all && wp core verify-checksums


sudo su (gives super user rights)
chmod 777 ./htdocs (sets writing rights to htdocs)
sudo ./manager-linux-x64.run


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