16. Nov 2019 |

Pentabonacci and other N-bonacci numbers

I had Python test on friday and one task was related to pentabonacci numbers. I still have not figured it out because I never trained such tasks.  You can find some information here and on GeeksForGeeks (by the way, it is really good explanation!).

But I now understand that without knowing this background it would have not been possible to solve this task despite it being 1 min task in Excel 🙂

Need to know: N-bonacci numbers with first N-1 initial terms set to 0 and Nth initial term set to 1. And everything that comes after is the sum of N previous numbers.

4. Sep 2019 |

W292 no newline at the end of file – how to fix

This is PEP8 error if you do not add an empty line to the end of your file.

Introduction excercise coded in Python 3. Pay attention to line 21.

Add an empty line to the end of your .py file (like in the picture line 21). Without any intent. This is it!