15. Jan 2021 |

n/100 – 100 Days of Code (in one post)

Writing daily posts is getting challenge on its own. Therefore I will continue as one post.

  1. (13.01) Started to revise C# lectures with an aim to finalize .NET app. Starting from console menu task to fully understand everything.
    Also downloaded Heino Talvik’s “Containers and Microservices” from Echo360 and Moodle so that I could study it on my own (before it gets back into program in autumn).
  2. (14.01) Got stuck into refactoring this app from mysqli to pdo and bring duplication check from db level to memory.
  3. (15.01) In the morning I continued work with blog-aggregator project to get it from mysqli to pdo and front-controller model using Twig. Also update to the latest Bootstrap.
    Most of the day learnt how to use VPS for the first time (by using Hetzner‘s 24 euros offer I found here). Managed to set up my first MariaDB server as Docker instance and access it from phpStorm. It must be the cheapest entertainment because I still have €23.97 remaining credits 😀
  4. According to Goodtime and Toggl I did C# for 2 hours. Trying to understand Delegates.
  5. 1h 15mins of C#. Way too little (3 rounds of Pomodoro).
  6. 1h 20min of C#. Still trying to understand every character I am writing.
  7. (19.01) 1h of C#.
  8. (20.01) The day of Joe Biden’s inauguration 🙂 4h 25min C#. Trying to get out of the Menu but I don’t get it where I make mistake. I will ask the teacher tomorrow. I got it solved before going to bed. The issue was that return is used only when exiting. And I had to assign the value to the variable that was returned. Looked littlebit recursion-like thing for me.
  9. 2h 16min of C#. Got my TicTacToe to run in memory and update the board. Tomorrow I would like get to the end of this lesson.
  10. 1h 55min of C#. I also finalized my Youtube channel containing all 44 videos from Building Distributed Systems (2020, ICD0009). I downloaded 18GB of files from Echo360, glued audio and video together and uploaded 17GB of video to Youtube.
  11. (23.01) 2h 8 min of  C# + 25 min of JavaScript.
  12. (24.01) 1h 59 min of C#. Getting to the point where I sort of understand the 2 first homeworks of previous semester’s C# it has taken me (to this point) one week with 18h 20min of work (tracking with Focusmeter app and then adding to my Toggl account).
    My teacher said in the lecture that he has coded estimated around 40-50k hours in his life. He also said that there is no talent in coding. 99% of the result is practice (hours put into writing the code).

In progress.

Relevant links or bookmarks

  • VPS services compared (with referral coupons). I understand that in order to host Django project or anything else that is not just html-php-mysql I would need to buy Docker-capable VPS. Therefore I have been lurking around these.
  • I use Goodtime and Toggl for time tracking. I measure time using Goodtime and later write it down into Toggl.

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