1. Jan 2021 |

2/100 – js

Finalized pwd generator and studied fetching. Today plan to learn working with the promise I get as a fetch return.

With my own json I got stuck here with CORS. Really need to build proper API at some point.

Recommend: JSONPlaceholder is a free REST API with a set of 6 common resources that you can use whenever you need some fake data.

30. Dec 2020 |

1/100 – js

Found #100DaysOfCode challenge on Tekkie‘s Twitter where he is currently learning Rust. I will try. Today is the first day.

Started with M. Kalmos JS course from 2018 🙂 I will try to do it as much as possible before it vanishes. Then it will turn into Distributed Systems (js and dotnet course).

I wanted to rebuild this in JS with some improved functionality but stuck into async-await and promises issue 😀 Classic. Need to continue tomorrow. At least I have something to do for an hour.

Update: It was simpler. For some (esthetic?) reason I executed the script before DOM was build. Rookie mistake.