24. Feb 2021 |

I always forget to turn Toggle off

And it is so annoying.

This is overview of my last week’s coding activity. My own projects, escapades and experiments are not included. School only.

On the right is my last week in Focusmeter app. Blue area is time spent doing Distributed Systems, yellow is JavaScript. On the left is my effort to use Toggl and Focusmeter together (using split screen) so that I would not forget to turn Toggl off.

I would really like to use Toggl for time tracking as a part of my workflow but I always forget it running. Also my productivity is so much better with (which ever) pomodoro timer that arranges my time into logical work and break units. But the problem with pomodoro is that pomodoro is not for tracking but just time management. So at the moment there is no good solution for me 🙂


It looks better with Goodtime app for pomodoro functionalities.

By using Samsung split screen I can run 2 apps at the same time. Above is Goodtime pomodoro app and below I have Toggl. It was a good discovery for me that for project whole pink box is actually clickable for starting (no need to tap the small play button).