7. Jul 2022 |

Composer notes

composer init – to create composer.json (not needed if you just run composer require {package}

composer dump-autoload – to regenerate namespaces in dependencies list (if composer.json is modified)

composer dump-autoload -o – generates optimised autoloading. Not actually needed in development.

Working with composer

Commit composer.lock but runcomposer update locally, composer install on server (ref).

PHP version

Changing php version in Zone.

6. Jan 2021 |

8/100 – composer, twig


Issues with guides. When installing twig then phpStorm cried that I have old version of composer. OK, sudo apt-get remove composer (because suggested composer self-update does not work) and sudo apt-get composer and the result is that I still have old one 😂 Then I followed the composer installation guide and when trying to make it global it gives me wrong path in the guide. Correct one would be /usr/bin/composer and debugging it took me quite a while.

As you can see I have been messing around with the birthday reminder app.

Listened: Matt Mullenweg: Collaboration Is Key – the founder of WordPress on Knowledge Project podcast

Discovered: “Officials are investigating whether the company, founded by three Russian engineers in the Czech Republic with research labs in Russia…” is a way to describe JetBrains in The New York Times.