6. Jan 2021 |

8/100 – composer, twig


Issues with guides. When installing twig then phpStorm cried that I have old version of composer. OK, sudo apt-get remove composer (because suggested composer self-update does not work) and sudo apt-get composer and the result is that I still have old one 😂 Then I followed the composer installation guide and when trying to make it global it gives me wrong path in the guide. Correct one would be /usr/bin/composer and debugging it took me quite a while.

As you can see I have been messing around with the birthday reminder app.

Listened: Matt Mullenweg: Collaboration Is Key – the founder of WordPress on Knowledge Project podcast

Discovered: “Officials are investigating whether the company, founded by three Russian engineers in the Czech Republic with research labs in Russia…” is a way to describe JetBrains in The New York Times.