4. Aug 2019 |

PrestaShop isn’t redirecting properly

Also known as front office not working after installation.

Photo: Kinsta.com

First thing after installing PrestaShop was this error. Back-end works fine (or at least looks ok) but front-end does not open. And it may be super annoying if you have worked with trouble free WooCommerce before.

Solution turned out to be very simple:

  • Turning on SSL (to get all redirections work) if you have SSL. Shop Parameters → General
  • Clearing cache and turning all cache off during initial build-up and development. Advanced Parameters → Performance

Figuring it out took few hours and bunch of nerves.



3. Aug 2019 |

PrestaShop product combinations DO NOT stick to the product

If you have spent several hours trying to attach PrestaShop combinations to your products then here is quick solution.

  • If you import products, then product reference = reference #
  • If you import combinations, then product reference = product reference

So be careful what you are choosing in the dropdown when matching your import data with the characteristic.

In addition to this, there was somekind of snag also about updating stock and prices of product with combinations. If I get stuck to that again then I will write it here.