13. Jun 2022 |

IADB IT-süsteemide arendus – 6. semester

Kuues ehk viimane semester algas sellega, et oli vaja leida endale praktikakoht. Kuuenda semestri peakski moodustama erialapraktika (24 EAP) ja lõputöö (6 EAP). Kuna ma teadsin, mida ma tahaksin teha – PHP, e-kaubanduse ja e-äri valdkond, mõnes keerukamas raamistikus – siis kandideerisin praktikale Lumavisse. See oli minu esimene valik ja sinna ka sain. Lumavi kõrval oli siiski veel paar ettevõtet varuks.

Praktika algas minu jaoks 31. jaanuaril ja lõppes 27. mail. Praktika oli päris intensiivne õppimine ja tegi kiiresti selgeks, et 2.5 aastat ei anna tegelikult kuigi palju oskuseid ega kuigi palju arusaamist. Seega õppida on veel kõvasti.

Nüüd on teha jäänud veel vaid lõputöö, mille plaanin teha sügissemestril. Ei tahaks, et see kuidagi venima jääks.

4. Jun 2022 |

WooCommerce – add product custom field to order email

What you need, is to use a hook and a function to modify e-mail template. That is it.

First idea probably would be changing the template. In this file: wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/templates/emails/email-order-items.php

First $product = $item->get_product(); and then $key = $product->get_meta('custom_field_key'); and then this thread was helpful but this is the hook and action were what I really needed.

Also useful:

'customer_completed_order' === $email->id and order email ids that are available.

I order to test e-mails locally Sendinblue works really well as SMTP and is simpler to set up than Sendgrid.

26. May 2022 |

Docker, Linux, user

Täielik segadus 🙂 Selleks, et Linuxis saaks Dockeriga lokaalselt php arendust teha, siis peab Docker, host ja PHP õigused paika sättima.

Digital Oceani õpetus täpselt olemas.

To run docker command without sudo, you need to add your user (who has root privileges) to docker group. (ref).

See current user: echo ${UID}

Official doc: Post-installation steps for Linux

You need to run your application as the same uid inside the container as you do on the host to get file ownership to match. (ref)

Something about application and root here.

Digital Ocean tutorial – WordPress with docker compose.
Probably the thing you are looking for – Docker in Development – Docker and File Permissions

1. Apr 2022 |

ps aux with grep

Very good ps aux overview can be found on Linode website.

grep stands for global regular expression print

grep by default is case sensitive. Add -i to make it case insensitive.

ps aux | grep -i "robert" | grep -i "vscode" – by such piping you can narrow down the search step by step.

If kill does not then add kill -9 <pid> (source).

history | grep “git commit” | grep “something”

Regular expressions in grep and on youtube basic Grep and Regex and the most useful DO guide

ps aux | grep -i "...be.t"  – simple pattern match.

ps aux | grep -P -i "^weekend"  – add -P to get perl compatible regular expressions to work

ps aux | grep -i '^weekend.*product' – lines that start with weekend and contains word product.

To see your proccesses then ps ux is enough.

13. Mar 2022 |

Russians are killing Ukrainians. 🇺🇦 Please help!

On February 24th 2022 Russians attacked the beautiful, free and democratic Ukraine. Without any reason. And started killing them.

Russians are killing everybody, without selection of their targets – civilians from infants to elderly people. Schools, hospitals, kindergardens, residential areas, nuclear power stations, everything. Russians are carpet bombing cities, also using banned artillery such as cluster bombs.

Please see how you can help Ukraine – supportukrainenow.org

To all the Russians, Belarussians, Armenians: You probably don’t have access to Twitter, Facebook, Reuters, BBCMeduza, Bellingcat, Washington Post etc. to get all the reliable information of what is going on in Ukraine and what your guys are up to there. Because it is all censored in your country. And this is can be the only explanation why you are so quiet and ignorant (to say the least).

Luckily, somehow you manage to get on my website. Therefore, I inform you that what you are currently doing in Ukraine is not good. Leave this country alone.  According to social surveys, you seem to support (and support) Putin and this war. Please, stop supporting this war (and Putin)! You have already lost around 50 000 men in this war (in just two weeks) and nobody likes you anyway.

22. Feb 2022 |

Magento REST API – Specified request cannot be processed and Class does not exist

Class \Vendor\ModuleName\Api\TestInterface does not exist

During development move things from local-src + symlink to app/code/{vendor}/{modulename} so that namespace and folder structure could match.

If you are using interfaces in your module then this is also true that you need to use full path reference in PHPdoc instead of use import and reference.

Both worked for me

Specified request cannot be processed

rest/V1/test/ – V in version needs to be capital letter (also in webapi.xml).

And just useful tip that you can extract interface out of existing class.