5. Dec 2020 |

C# – cannot resolve symbol ‘UseIdentityColumns’

Getting build errors in DAL after InitialMigrate due to missing nuget package.

If you get such an error from Rider after initial migration dotnet ef migrations add InitialMigration --project DAL --startup-project WebApp that cannot resolve symbol ‘UseIdentityColumns’ then please check that you have nuget package Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.SqlServer v5.0.0 installed in DAL (data access layer) class library. I had it missing and could not figure out for some time and Stack Overflow did not have any threads available for it at this point.

I use C# 9, dotnet 5.0 and Rider EAP 2020.3 at the moment. If you use any of the earlier versions of dotnet or C# then please pay attention to getting the correct version of the package.

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