9. Apr 2020 |

How to stay away from Facebook for a period of time

How I willingly locked myself out of Facebook (and you can too).

I always regret the time I have spent on social media. I deleted my Twitter (permanently) few months ago. I stopped watching Instagram stories and haven’t seen any this year. I have deleted my Facebook account once (few years ago) and now is the second time to take a break. Because I really need (and would prefer) to study.

How I did it

I created an email address robert.99zrhqkt4t@that.ee to which I allocated my account (also changed the account password). Then I deleted the address. Given address is just an example. Mine had different 10 character random string which now only my girlfriend knows.

I also did the same thing with my Instagram account. So now I am locked out from Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.

How can I get back

I can get back only if my girlfriend gives me the random string. Then I can  recreate the email address and restore the password.

Is it good to stay away from Facebook?

Science says it is. If you stay away from Facebook then you become happier.

Source: American Economic Review, march 2020

Possible as a service?

Yes! I can help you to stay away from Facebook by using previously described technique. Please get in touch 🙂

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