4. Dec 2019 |

Quick school update

Not much time to post, therefore just some quick notes.

I admire my Russian coursemates. It must be so much more difficult for them with this language barrier. I did no see it at Tartu University that much.

I tend to be amused by people’s ability to listen to (for example) set theory lecture (which is quite intensive) and solve OOP puzzles on Python at the same time in early morning lectures 😀 What a brain must it be.

Kakk is a real influencer. To get Django to work with all the pip installations I finally installed Linux (Ubuntu, dual boot next to Win10). Pip and Django installation was just ~20 characters of command lines to the terminal. Compared to the mess on Win10 and its Ubuntu terminal 😀 So now all my coding takes place on Linux part of my computer.

I just did my first AOC task and got the first points. So being a nerd is now official I assume.

Algorütm (in Estonian) is a really good podcast. I got shivers listening to Alvar Lumberg and Sergei Anikin on fire talking about Transferwise’s architecture.