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1st month first impressions – subjects in review

Our lecturer Ago also suggested documenting the learning path of programming. It is good to look later how it looked like in the beginning and how it feels later. So that others, who are interested in learning to code, could also understand the learning curve and possible struggles.

Introduction to Information Technology

The lecturer is professor Tanel Tammet. It started as an introduction to IT but suddenly got much more complex. Now I am always looking forward to him saying “See kõik näeb suhteliselt teistmoodi välja kui enne…” which means “It all looks somewhat different than it looked before…” after he has done “something” in one of his 6+ opened terminals in some of the programming languages that exist. I have also found myself wondering where such people come from and how they… developed to this point. Because he tells stories of doing everything else (like playing CIV) but hard studying.

I have no idea  where it ends for me.

Sets, relations, systems

The lecturer is Peeter Lorents. Early morning 3-hour sessions from 8:15 to 11:30 on Tuesdays. Feeling lost most of the time. The first test did not go well (confirmed!). I feel this subject must be good for something but I simply don’t have an understanding of what it is. Have to study hard to make it work.

I like his concept of “võimalus” (opportunity) and “võimekus” (capability). He repeats it very often that you can not succeed if you have an opportunity but don’t have the capability to execute. You need to have both.

Mathematics refresher training

This subject is now over. I believe my exam went badly and I have to retake it. Despite being a refresher, these were  difficult and exhausting 5 weeks with 6+ hours of math every week.

Update: The exam went well. This subject is now done.

Discrete Mathematics

Reminds me about physical chemistry lectures at Tartu University by Juha Ehrlich. Lecturer Margus Kruus is very much like him by his erudition and teaching skills. The other lecturer Harri Lensen is good at explaining complex things to that – up to this date – hopefully, everyone understands at least something.

For me, this subject feels like a disaster at the moment but I will do my best to make it all end well. Similarly to “Sets, relations, systems” I have an understanding that it must be good for something (later).

Social, Professional and Ethical Aspects of IT

It is very weird to write text because the lecturer Kaido Kikkas is probably the only person who will read this text 😀 This was my first lecture to attend in TalTech (ever). Lecturer Kaido Kikkas,  who has worked 25 years in TalTech, just received the Best Lecturer of the Year Award, which was presented at Teacher of the Year gala, “Estonia is Learning and Thanking You”. I did not know it in the morning even though I attended his class today.

If someone would ask what “weirdo” or “nerdy” means (in the best possible way) then this man is the first to come in my mind. Hands so deep in subjects he is passionate about (such as Linux) and sharing all those nerdy facts. Inspirational guy. And I did not recognize it at first but it is the same Kaido whom I’ve seen ever since here in WP translations page and brother of Kaupo Kikkas (if I am correct).

It is the first subject where there is a task to prepare short written assignment and presentation. It is my turn already next week.

Introduction to Programming

This is a Python course. Very well organized by Ago Luberg. But takes a lot of time to solve weekly independent tasks. Most of the people have Pycharm also opened during every other subject trying to solve something. Which makes attending those lectures pretty… pointless. Because multitasking is killing your brain.

I understand that Python is something I would like to master. According to the Tiobe index, it is the 4th most popular programming language yet fastest growing.

Source: Hackernoon

Also working hard to make it end well.

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