4. Jan 2021 |

6/100 – exam

Felt myself strong and very fit before the exam. Not that strong afterwards 😀 But was fun 1h 45min rally.

Main learnings from the exam:

  • If you have a tree with only two levels of depth and ~10 entities then you don’t need to invent a universal search algorithm. Just two loops is enough.
  • serialize() in php creates a string that includes special characters. Therefore, if you are using front-controller pattern, you also need to encode and later decode it. Otherwise, data gets lost.

Found hilarious Github repo. If you are asking what C# for beginners course is in TalTech then in a nutshell: EnterpriseQualityCoding (just imagine that it is written in C# instead of Java). It is a FizzBuzz (very simple game) EnterpriseEdition (written in a complicated way).

3. Jan 2021 |

5/100 – angularjs, exam

Today I have revised for tomorrow’s exam (php, mysql, http etc). I’ll grab a cup of coffee and will end the day with an hour of AngularJS. Let’s call it a week then 🙂

Offtopic: great podcasts I listened to today (while walking) were Hidden Brain – A Creature of Habit, Business Lunch – You Don’t Have to Buy A Whole Business and there was an interesting aspect about the evolution of the importance of blogs as authentic user generated content in Stack Overflow Welcome 2021 episode.

3. Jan 2021 |

4/100 – angularjs, php

Studied AngularJS from TalTech I399 JavaScript course (lesson 4 video). Quite fun and liked it. And did the test exam from previous year in web technologies.

One issue with studying this way is the lack of tasks that would allow the implementation of what is just learnt.

1. Jan 2021 |

2/100 – js

Finalized pwd generator and studied fetching. Today plan to learn working with the promise I get as a fetch return.

With my own json I got stuck here with CORS. Really need to build proper API at some point.

Recommend: JSONPlaceholder is a free REST API with a set of 6 common resources that you can use whenever you need some fake data.

30. Dec 2020 |

1/100 – js

Found #100DaysOfCode challenge on Tekkie‘s Twitter where he is currently learning Rust. I will try. Today is the first day.

Started with M. Kalmos JS course from 2018 🙂 I will try to do it as much as possible before it vanishes. Then it will turn into Distributed Systems (js and dotnet course).

I wanted to rebuild this in JS with some improved functionality but stuck into async-await and promises issue 😀 Classic. Need to continue tomorrow. At least I have something to do for an hour.

Update: It was simpler. For some (esthetic?) reason I executed the script before DOM was build. Rookie mistake.

15. Dec 2020 |

NETSDK1005 – update dotnet aspnet-codegenerator

If you are getting this error NETSDK1005 when trying to scaffold the webpages that says “Assets file [..] doesn’t have a target for ‘net50′” then please check if you have updated dotnet aspnet-codegenerator. Documentation is behind this link.

I got stuck to this for some time before figuring it out. I had updated dotnet SDK and runtime but not aspnet-codegenerator (which I was not aware of).

Though, now I am running into another issue – “A file matching the name Create.cshtml was not found” 🙂 I have not yet figured out any solutions. But I see people running into it quite everywhere.

Update: I discussed it with the teacher and TAs and got to the conclusion that this is some kind on Linux specific aspnet-codegenerator issue. As it is used mainly for intoductory/demo purposes at this point then I simply proceed without demo content as there is no actual need for this.

Few useful commands for myself as a footnote:

dotnet --info

dotnet tool list -g (List your dotnet tools, useful)

dotnet tool update --global dotnet-ef (EF update to the latest, link)
dotnet tool update -g dotnet-aspnet-codegenerator (Update codegenerator, link)

5. Dec 2020 |

C# – cannot resolve symbol ‘UseIdentityColumns’

Getting build errors in DAL after InitialMigrate due to missing nuget package.

If you get such an error from Rider after initial migration dotnet ef migrations add InitialMigration --project DAL --startup-project WebApp that cannot resolve symbol ‘UseIdentityColumns’ then please check that you have nuget package Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.SqlServer v5.0.0 installed in DAL (data access layer) class library. I had it missing and could not figure out for some time and Stack Overflow did not have any threads available for it at this point.

I use C# 9, dotnet 5.0 and Rider EAP 2020.3 at the moment. If you use any of the earlier versions of dotnet or C# then please pay attention to getting the correct version of the package.

28. Nov 2020 |

TĂ€helepanek – tahvel

Kuna Echo360 loengute jĂ€relvaatamine on ĂŒsna… nagu ta on, siis ma ripin kĂ”ik videod (mis on omaette vĂ€ike tööke*) ja panen endale Youtube’i, kus kiiruse kontroll, timestamping, kĂ”igis seadmetes töötamine jne on palju parem.

Aga sellel on ĂŒks nĂ”rk koht – kui Ă”ppejĂ”ud kasutab tahvlit 🙂 Sellisel juhul ma pean rippima 2 videot ja vaatamisel kuidagi navigeerima nende vahel.

Aga ma saan aru, et mingit head tehnilist lahendust ei ole hetkel olemas, kuidas arvutisse asju “tahvliliku kogemusega” saaks joonistada. Ago joonistab hiirega. Vahepeal Excalidraw‘s, enamasti Paintis, vahepeal Microsoft Whiteboardis. PĂ”himĂ”tteliselt graafikalauaga see isegi toimiks aga graafika laua kasutamine (nii et see mugav tunduks) vĂ”tab pĂ€ris kaua aega ja eeldada, et kĂ”ik Ă”ppejĂ”ud ennast klassis graafikalauaga hĂ€sti tunneks on ebamĂ”istlik oodata. Mul endalgi vedeleb pĂ”himĂ”tteliselt kasutamata Wacom Intuos kapi otsas ja ei leia head kasutust.

Jalutamas kÀisin, siis kuulasin Stack Overflow Podcasti, kus rÀÀgiti IT-haridusest. Oli huvitav ja vast sobib siia ka.

Nt see koht, kus rÀÀgiti, et nr 1 oskus on AWSi hĂ€sti tunda, mis on “the new cool programming language“.

*Kuna TalTechi Echo360 seadistus hetkel annab vĂ€lja heliriba ja 2 (ilma helita) videoriba, siis tuleb need ise kokku kleepida pĂ€rast brauseri Network tab’i kaudu allalaadimist. Ametlikku allalaadimise vĂ”imalust ei ole enamasti sisse lĂŒlitatud. Vanemate videote (nt 2018) seadistuses on heliriba pandud videote kĂŒlge.