4. Sep 2019 |

W292 no newline at the end of file – how to fix

This is PEP8 error if you do not add an empty line to the end of your file.

Introduction excercise coded in Python 3. Pay attention to line 21.

Add an empty line to the end of your .py file (like in the picture line 21). Without any indent. This is it!

2. Sep 2019 |

Location of WooCommerce language file

In order to modify strings you need to find translation file. For plugins these are usually here.


In case of WooCommerce please take following language files from this folder.


You can edit these by using Poedit. Install Poedit to your computer and open .po file. Translate or modify the string accoringly and then save.

/htdocs/wp-content/languages/woocommerce – this is correct folder where edited language files should be uploaded in case of WooCommerce IF you do not want to lose translations during plugin update.

But, if the string is not available like here and here there may be different ways to fix it.

9. Aug 2019 |

My first IDE was Atom

I used to code by using Notepad++, FileZilla and WordPress’ built in editor.  For years. After blowing up one of my sites twice(!) after the failure of built in editor I understood I is not supposed to be so.

Then I did some research and found free Atom. Since then I had only seen it on pictures on agency websites. Took some time for beginner like myself to understand how it works but I love it. It saves so much time and is very much forgiving if I make mistakes.

To get it work through FTP to develop websites you that are hosted on your server you need to install package named Remote FTP, configure the file correctly (instructions are behind the link) and you are ready to go.

For every FTP connection you need separate “folder” where all the files are kept in your computer. If you need to connect no new ftp go File → Open folder (and open just folder).

If you have any questions then there is plenty of information (also about bugs) in Google.

5. Aug 2019 |

Best free SSH client for Windows

Really, don’t look any further.

You have two options. Windows’ own powershell or Ubuntu. That is it.

Ubuntu looks nicer out of the box. But powershell also does the job. Compared to my previous experience with PuTTY (a free SSH and telnet client on Windows 7) – everything is smoother than PuTTY.

4. Aug 2019 |

PrestaShop isn’t redirecting properly

Also known as front office not working after installation.

Photo: Kinsta.com

First thing after installing PrestaShop was this error. Back-end works fine (or at least looks ok) but front-end does not open. And it may be super annoying if you have worked with trouble free WooCommerce before.

Solution turned out to be very simple:

  • Turning on SSL (to get all redirections work) if you have SSL. Shop Parameters → General
  • Clearing cache and turning all cache off during initial build-up and development. Advanced Parameters → Performance

Figuring it out took few hours and bunch of nerves.



3. Aug 2019 |

How to open terminal in Windows 10

Win+R → write “powershell” without quotation marks → and terminal opens.

Very good instructions are here for Zone.ee server users on how to get to your shared hosting through SSH. For beginners this is super useful.

Ubuntu terminal on Windows 10

It is also possible to use Ubuntu terminal on Windows 10. You can download it from Microsoft Store, for example here. But, before you can install it you have to set your Windows settings to developer mode.

If you do not do this then simply does not work. Maybe there was something in addition to that but at this point I do not remember 🙂 But it took few hours to figure out why does the Microsoft Store installation fails.

3. Aug 2019 |

PrestaShop product combinations DO NOT stick to the product

If you have spent several hours trying to attach PrestaShop combinations to your products then here is quick solution.

  • If you import products, then product reference = reference #
  • If you import combinations, then product reference = product reference

So be careful what you are choosing in the dropdown when matching your import data with the characteristic.

In addition to this, there was somekind of snag also about updating stock and prices of product with combinations. If I get stuck to that again then I will write it here.

13. Jun 2018 |

Kust saab Magentot alla laadida?

Magento kodulehelt on seda esimene kord üsna keeruline leida aga õige koht on siin. Ning jah, erinevalt WordPressist tuleb Magento allalaadimiseks ennast eelnevalt Magento kasutajaks registreerida. Sama kasutajaga saab õnneks ka Magento foorumites edaspidi osaleda.

Kuna iga allalaadimise korra jaoks genereeritakse unikaalne URL, siis ei saa seda ka wget’iga endale otse serverisse tõmmata (vähemalt mina ei oska).

Kuna see pakk, sisaldab umbes 60 tuhat(!) faili, siis üleslaadimise soovitan teha nii:

  1. Pane see sama tar.gz fail endale läbi FTP serverisse
  2. Unzip tee serveris (terminali käsuga).

Nii see läheb oluliselt kiiremini. Zone FTP kaudu sai seda vist unzipida (kui terminali ei oska kasutada) aga ma ise teen seda läbi SSH (Windowsis nt Powershell ja Ubuntus lihtsalt mistahes terminal).

Lahtipakkimisel ole ettevaatlik, et valesse kohta ei paki. Kinnitan, et teiste asjade vahelt nende ära kustutamine on pigem tüütu.